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About Us

At Cherry Bomb Salon, we come to work every day because we want to solve your hair problems! There are endless hair products, tools, videos, pictures, how-to articles and social media tips. Yet most people still don’t know what to do with their hair every day. This is a problem we know how to fix! It is not just about coming into a salon and getting a service. We do it differently at Cherry Bomb.

When you first come into our micro-salon, you will only see 2 chairs and a small space. That’s it! You will get our full attention the entire time. This is a similar environment that celebrities experience. A private, professional and comfortable setting focused on you. You can tell us what music to want to hear and we will find the playlist!  This is your time. You will be able to enjoy your moment in our chair.

First, we will analyze your hair texture, density, porosity, and elasticity. We will determine the condition of your hair and get a thorough history. You can also let us know of any concerns that you have. Your consultation is so important! You cannot have the hair of your dreams unless your hair is thoroughly analyzed. This is a vital tool in our process.

​When you tell us what you want, we will usually ask for social media pictures. It helps us understand what you are looking to achieve. We promise 100 percent honesty! We will tell you what it will take to get your desired hair. And in some cases, you may never be able to achieve it. Some colors and services are not meant for all hair. We do this because we want to give you realistic expectations and we want to keep your hair in the best condition possible. If you don’t know exactly what you want, we will tell you what we think would look good for your hair type, face shape, and skin tone.

​Once a plan is in place, we will start the artistic journey! We will let you know what we are doing as we go. Your job will be to focus on you and your well-deserved time to yourself. We will talk to you and have a great conversation. We also love our tired clients that need just close their eyes and relax. Whatever you want, is good for us.

Throughout your color service, we will recommend products for your hair. These are not generic recommendations. We use all of the information obtained to give you what your hair needs. We can do a beautiful service but it can be ruined with bad products. We have seen it happen! Products are an investment and they are worth it!  Products are how you get the look you want every single day!

When we are finished we love to take pictures of your hair (as long as you are comfortable with that.) It is a great way to show the difference between when you came in and after. We will brag about your beautiful hair on social media and you can share it with your friends. This is also a time when you can ask us any other questions you might have. Now you are part of our family!

​This is the Cherry Bomb Salon Experience.

We believe that you deserve to feel like you are truly important and worth pampering. That beauty is found in all people. And that we can help you feel good and look amazing.

Karlee Little, Owner

Karlee Little is the new Owner of Cherry Bomb Salon. She also works as a senior stylist. She"s a leading stylist in the beauty industry.for 17 years. Karlee is experienced in current advanced hair coloring, hair cutting, extension wedding hair styling and straightening techniques. 

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